Monday, January 6, 2014

Carroll Family Portrait Session - Old Sacramento, CA

Back in October, I was lucky enough to photograph more cousins of mine!  I've photographed my cousin Lisa & family in the past, as well as my cousins Ben & Jacob but when my cousin Allan's wife e-mailed me about the idea, I was super excited!  I think the last time I saw their little guy, he was just that.  A newborn baby.  We decided to meet up in Old Sac to take advantage of the boy's love for trains and create a portrait session unique to them at this age.
After our first stop by the big awesome train doors, we headed down the tracks a little bit.  We captured a few more posed shots, and then let the boys take a little break and play with their trains on the tracks.
Pretty sure this next one is one of my all time favorites. So precious. We headed onward to another spot, but the sun was SUPER bright at that point. So we made due with some awesome shadows, and were on our way.FINALLY we made it to the moment the boys were waiting for. It was time to climb on the train cars. By this point, they were both ready to have at it, so the crew all squished together for some snuggles and some adorable family group photos.
At the last moment before calling it a day, we were able to get some great closeups of the boys exploring the train steps and the cables that hung down in front.  Nice and grungy little area... But as they say, boys will be boys!
I had so much fun with these guys, and just love so many of these photos!  They used the photos for little albums to give to their families, as well as their Christmas cards this year.  Everything turned out super cute!  I hope that I get to see them again this year for their 2014 photo updates :)

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  1. These pictures turned out so great I especially like Nolan's face in the first one and the last two close ups. Good looking group of Carrolls.