Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Peterson Family Portrait Session - CSU Stanislaus - Modesto, CA

Right around the Memorial Day Holiday weekend, I headed off to Modesto for a family portrait session with my cousin Lisa, her husband and their two kids.  The last time I photographed them, Kent was still a few months away from coming in to the world.  Now at nearly 20 months, this kid is on the go!  Of course, Lorelai has perfected her poses, looking adorable as ever.  The session took place at CSU Stanislaus, which had a cute little bridge and creek running through.   I wish my college had a fun little area like that!

Kent was super facinated by the ducks & water, so after a little break, we reeled him back in for a few more family portraits.
Lisa told me she wanted a 30x40 for her wall. This next one gets my vote, plus a vote that she should go bigger than that :)
So it seems that Kent prefers to not share the spotlight. He was hamming it up when all the attention was put on him!
We finally set the kids free to run around, and made sure to get an up to date husband & wife portrait for them. 5 years later, and they're still looking pretty good!
In a few short months, this little family is off to Denver for their next adventure as Brett begins his journey to being an orthodontist. While I TOTALLY don't approve of this situation, I might have to have Lisa do some photography advertising for me out there, so I have lots of reasons to travel out there.  Or I might just have to forbid her from hiring anyone else ;)


  1. those are some super-cute, smiley kids! nice job!

  2. This is super cute! I love the blue theme!!!! :)

  3. Awesome, how beautiful are those children.

  4. Those kids are SO photogenic!