Thursday, January 2, 2014

Rotchford Family Portrait Session - Rocklin, CA

First blog post of 2014 is officially here.  Not only that, but it is my 300th blog post!  I feel like there should be some fireworks or something happening as you continue reading.  Another fantastic thing about this blog post is that I am lucky enough to have one of two things happen.  I have fabulous people I photograph that become some pretty great friends, and then I have some fantastic friends that I am lucky enough to photograph as well.  In this case, it's the latter.  The last time I photographed my best friend Erika, it was for her "Love the Dress" session with her hubby Matt last July.  Since then, they've bought a house, celebrated their one year anniversary & got their first fur baby together.  Moose, their 10 month old chesapeake bay retriever, joined their family back in April and has been quite the ball of energy.  We headed out to Clover Valley Park at the end of November to get some holiday card photos with their pup. These first two are some of my favorites... So consider yourself warned :)
Moose was very much wanting to run the show and with a creek nearby, it is easy to say his interest was elsewhere.  But after a decent amount of rotating, switching places, and crawling on the ground, we got some awesome photos.
This little trio went together PERFECTLY. Yes, I am extra excited about it. I think we all can agree Erika is pretty fabulous in all these photos. Those boots? Love them.  You look pretty great yourself too, Matt.  Don't worry, I didn't forget about you!
After all his hard work and participation, Moose was free to splash all through the creek.  All his puppy cravings satisfied.  Yet, he hardly looks like a puppy in this photo, which was the very last one I took that day.  So very stoic looking indeed.
It has been a fairly busy fall season this year, but I am so glad I got the chance to photograph these guys again.  Can't wait for the next stage in their life together to add to their portrait collection.  Thanks again, Rotchford Clan.  You guys are awesome, as always!

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