Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sarah & Antoine's Garden Pavilion Wedding - Sonoma, CA

Somehow, I fell WAY behind in blogging all my second shooting for last year.  As in, I did not get around to posting a single thing for some reason.  Well, that is all about to change.  Kicking things off is a fabulous wedding I was able to second shoot for Kirsten of Kirsten Julia Photography.  The wedding took place at Garden Pavilion out in Sonoma, and it was an adorable little venue.  Very homey and welcoming.  I met up with Kirsten and the bride Sarah in one main building, and then our day went on from there.
Antoine and his fellas were getting ready across the lawn in the pool house, and were having a great time hanging out before the ceremony.
The guests began to gather, and before we knew it, the ceremony was on it's way.
Oh that look when the groom first sees his bride coming down the aisle... Priceless!
Sarah & Antoine had family members come up and do special readings and blessings throughout their ceremony. It was such a sweet personal touch that brought their family in to being part of their big day.
The vows were said, the rings were on, and Sarah & Antoine officially became husband & wife. I just LOVE his enthusiasm.
We made our way back over to the building where the girls got ready for some bridal party and family portrait. A sword fight then broke out between Antoine and the adorable little ring bearer.
After the family groups were all said and done, it was finally time to get these newlyweds off on their own for some portraits around this fantastic venue!
Oh the way I caught Antoine looking at his bride. Makes my heart melt from the sweetness.
The bride and groom made their way off to get ready for their entrance, and Kirsten and I came back to cocktail hour being in full swing. The photo booth was well enjoyed, and the reception tables looked so cozy!
One thing I should have mentioned sooner, since it was so incredibly awesome, is that the Groom and his entire family is from France. The guest list consisted of people near and far from America as well as multiple European countries. Sarah and Antoine presented their baker with a challenge, that turned out simply fantastic. Their idea was to mix a traditional wedding cake with the French croquembouche dessert. Their baker did not disappoint, and came up with this beauty.
The band took their place, and the dancing began to kick off the rest of the evening. First dances are always such special moments. Love them.
The newlyweds ended their night cutting in to their wedding cake & pulling apart their croquembouche before heading back to the dance floor. I loved every minute I got to spend documenting their special day.
I am so grateful that Kirsten had me along side her for this wedding.  I have loved all the opportunities she has had me along for.  I cannot wait to share more of my favorites from weddings I second shot with her, as well as other photographers.  Thanks again, Kirsten!


  1. Gorgeous Pictures! That location is pretty perfect and I love the color of the bridesmaids dresses. Oh and the pic with the groom sock made me chuckle out loud :)