Saturday, July 23, 2011

"let's do 52" - wk29

As you saw in yesterday's "friday feet" post, I spent my past weekend up in higher elevation than usual. Every year when one of my siblings goes up to the Donner Mine Music Camp, two things happen. The first the camp photo, usually taken by my dad, but this year I took the reins and risked my life on the ladder in the mosquito marsh. Secondly, we have been taking our christmas card picture there for I don't know HOW long, but it is a tradition that has yet to be stopped. I took advantage of the flooded bridge to take my friday feet picture, where my ever so kind younger brother chose to mock me for doing so. So here I am, paying it back to him... in the most loving sisterly way possible with this lucky shot of a picture before he made a break for it. Apparently he's a changed person since high school, becoming a car buff and wearing hats to advertise what he's driving (once it is reassembled) :)

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