Monday, April 5, 2010

shakin' it like a polaroid

so i bought a polaroid, right?
goodwill, 4.99 for the win. yay.
couldn't find film for the longest time
almost bought some on ebay, but then freaked myself out not knowing what i was getting myself in to. got that money refunded asap, and debated other options
-polaroid back for holga (149.00)
-instamax mini - pics were too small for my liking... and 150 for the camera.
-instamax camera - uh.. i think it was like 100...
anywhos... i ended up waiting. and waiting. and waiting.
until the impossible project finally relisted some 600 film
bought myself 4 packs (i want to incorporate it with my wedding photography)
finally went to use it today... it doesn't load the film.
so now, i am on the quest for a legit polaroid camera that functions.
checked out a few on craigslist, waiting for an email back.
and hopefully from there, i'll find something.

i tried to leave you with a photo so that this wasn't all talk
but apparently our E:// drive disappeared again. its not gone for good.
the computer just likes to play games with me...
so now, i owe you prom photos, aileen photos, and eventually some cousin photos from yesterday.
don't forget about the march of dimes special!

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