Sunday, April 25, 2010

oh my goodness!

the good times just keep rollin!
may is going to be one crazy, insane, photographic-lly filled month!
with the end of the semester, and shoots practically every weekend,
i may not be socially around for
are you ready to see the schedule thus for?
no really, its crazy... are you ready for this?
you may but, but am i? haha.
may 1st:maternity shoot (10am) modesto
may 2nd: 1st bday shoot (TBD... sometime am) sacramento
may 4th: bridal/couple shoot (6pm) sacramento
may 8th: community rummage sale (7am) sacramento
may 11th: bridal shoot (5pm) sacramento
may 15th: engagement session (1pm) modesto
may 16th: engagement session (TBD) sacramento
may 21st: wedding (all day) sacramento
june 12: wedding (TBD) madera
and this is just what i have set in stone!
i have a few more brides as well as a family of 3 i've been emailing with and will hopefully have something set up in the coming weeks. last night i attended my first photography workshop with monica, of studio kyk in roseville. here's a behind the scenes view of her showing us all how she shoots. it was so worth it for me to go. i've got some new business ideas up my sleeve that i can hopefully put in to action for jessica&adam's wedding in may :)
p.s. you can check out monICA here at: studio kyk

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