Friday, April 9, 2010

monICA talks

this april i will be attending my first photography work shop. i have been searching for a workshop in my area for awhile now, and was happy to stumble upon this one.
monICA is a local photographer i have followed from a friend on my facebook page (gotta love those "become a fan" buttons) and i've really liked her work. as well, she owns her own business, and this is her first ever photography work shop that she has hosted. what an even better reason to go :) her first time hosting a workshop, and my first time going! basically, it sounds like she's going to cover her experiences from the past 5 years of her work, what she's come across in the field of photography, what works, what doesn't work, and all that is in between. she's asked us to send questions now to inspire her for potential ideas to talk on... believe me, i've already started putting not just my .02 cents in, but more like my $1.97 worth of what i want to know. of course, wedding photography topped my list of first things to want to know more about. also, what lenses she uses for what situations. a good lens is very key in photography. crappy lens, you'll end up on judge joe brown like this "professional" photographer. haha. another one that came to mind, thanks to my TPP years, is props. Props are SO over enforced in that wretched place, its not even funny. i like the idea of props, but i don't like them to overwhelm the image. i'd love to incorporate a prop that doesn't look out of place, over power the image, or just plain look tacky. so i sent that her way. i'm sure come april 24th she'll be tired of all the questions and info that i want to know, but until then, i'll be thinking of anything and everything to ask her :)
i'm very excited, what can i say? i am still on the search for a wedding specific workshop. i think it would be particularly very helpful for me.

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  1. If you put in $1.97 in questions then I feel I must've given $5.00! I couldn't quit spouting questions even once we got there! It was so nice meeting you there and I can't wait to watch how you grow. Buzz me if you ever want to go out shooting sometime. I need to step up my game.