Friday, April 9, 2010

Aileen - 14 yr photos

my sister turned the big 1-4 this past march. we have been randomly goodwill shopping and finding her some dresses, and since this pink one was such a hit, i made her dress herself up, and go down to the park for some photos. oh, and a couple other outfits as well as her oboe for a prop... aaaaand her crazy cat mushu... who walks on a leash. ah, i do miss my days of TPP with photographing animals more often. i defn. got more accustomed to working with dogs that way. haha. although, i think mushu was more excited than she was. here is a small sampling of some of the photos :)he's such a snotty looking cat in some of these. just goes along with that quote about dogs having owners and cats having staff... at least he didn't go cross eyed! ;)

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