Thursday, June 28, 2012

Robin - Class of 2012 - Loomis, CA Senior Portrait Session

If I could describe Robin in one word, it would be "spunky". She was a member of the Color Guard team, and everytime I saw her was full of positive energy that would fill the whole room. AND a pretty amazing artist to add to that!  The day we planned for her senior portrait session, it was RAINING... like, first week of June, crazy weather rainstorm raining.  She was ready to roll once I picked her up, cheerful as every and ready to go for it, regardless of whether it was raining cats & dogs or not.  Luckily, the clouds took a break just for us, and we had a fantastic time out in downtown Loomis.  Robin was fabulous to work with, and I'm in love with so many of her portraits!
After rocking it out in downtown Loomis, we headed down the road to Penryn's finest rock quarry for a few nature-ish portraits before calling it a day.
A quick last few token cap & gown shots, where Robin took liberty of adding a little pizzazz to the usual "blah" that goes with wearing these LOVELY cap & gown creations :)
Robin was a blast to spend time with, and I cannot wait to see her spread her wings and grow as she heads of to BYU for college in the fall!


  1. These are great! Her personality definitely shines through. Nice job.

  2. I love these. Great job capturing her spunkiness.

  3. Great photos, Emily. Looks like she had a blast!

  4. great shots - the spunkiness definitely comes through!

  5. Sweet photos - I absolutely love her gorgeous hair! :)