Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kent Cake Smash Session - Modesto, CA

The last time I did a cake smash session was well over 2 1/2 years ago when I worked in a portrait studio. Now that this little guy turned one, Lisa churned out her cake decorating skills (and thrift store crafty skills to make a cake stand) and got to work planning for Kent's one year session. We started off (quickly) with one outfit, and piece by piece took away to get him ready to dive right in to the cake. It's always entertaining to see how the little ones react to the cake smashing idea. Kent had his hesitant moments, but he was also ready to dive right in at the same time!Kent was so excited about the initial cake smashing, that he full on knocked over the stand! Sure made for easy access once that obstacle was out of his way :)Love this face!
Sure was quite the mess to work with, but it was a fun experience to say the least! So if you have an almost one year old and no fear of messes, this is TOTALLY the way to go!

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