Friday, December 31, 2010

Friday Feet - Dec 31, 2010

its the last day of 2010, and we still have feet! this week, our feet have been festive, bobsled, snowy and have visited loved ones at their snowy work place. hm. interesting that most of them involve a snowy situation. sure, my snow on the mountain was fake, but there WAS a yeti! hope everyone had a great holiday, and kick off a happy new years!
amy - "I built a snow man! The snow finally stuck long enough for me to do so. I will attempt to make a larger one on the morrow. Woo for snow men! Happy New Year everyone!"
emily - "wednesday was our final day at disneyland. and it POURED. of course, this meant shorter lines for things like thunder mountain railway and the matterhorn. there were even cast members using a shop vac on the bottom of the bobsleds in order to suck the water out."
jenny - "jennys feet went to the snow to seek the feet of their dreams. or some such nonsense."
kasey - "My happy Santa feet. An awesome Christmas gift from my momma ♥. My feet are getting ready for bed. Ready for new years eve tomorrow."

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