Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Feet - Dec 10, 2010

amy - "Gable is helping me do the 10:30pm. :P He is visiting here in Reno while Rue is at Grandma Dori's recuperating from a tooth extraction performed by the wonderful Dr. Williams. I couldn't live without a Whippet, especially since Luke is also gone this week. It would have been too lonely! I'm also preparing for Finals Week next week. *insert scary music*"
emily - "done with finals, its time to wrap, yo!"
jenny - "A lovely night of christmas light sight seeing"
kasey - "Woke up one morning with near 2 feet of snow outside. For this picture, i'm standing in our yard in the shallower snow. it comes to about mid-calf. On the driveway, my knees are buried. Yay for Winter!"

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