Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Feet - Dec 3, 2010

hoorah! our first feet post of december. how crazy that we've made it this far already! with most of us gearing up for finals, our creativity may lack a little the next few weeks, but bear with us. we'll have some exciting feet plans once the holidays get closer :)
- "Rue and I just chilling on the couch. It's lonely here with Luke gone at training in Utah. Good thing I have Rue here to keep me warm! Nothing like some hot chocolate, a warm dog and organic chemistry to make an evening grand. ^^"
emily - "every year for my birthday, i get a macy's gift card from my aunt. i never shop at macys, so the last three years they have stockpiled. yesterday (12.01), i found boots. today, they became mine. boots originally priced $89.99. i left macy's with only $5.16 charged to my debit card."
jenny - "a haiku to go with my feet: autumn colors so vibrant/fall from the treetops/never could they displease me"
kasey - "snow feets"

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