Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Feet - Nov 5th, 2010

with halloween come and gone this past weekend, i proposed the idea of diptychs to my fellow friday feet-ers. they were down with it, so that we could show you our feet, as well as the costume of choice this year! so this may be the only time you see our faces and feetsies, unless i come up with some other brilliant plan. oh, and merry unbirthday to my three lovely friends and all you readers out there! the same can't be said for me :P
amy - "The bowl used to be overflowing. We got SO many Trick or Treaters by the last one I only had 10 pieces of candy left and i started out with over 200! It was so much fun!"
emily - "this costume idea actually started LAST year when i jokingly told my little sister she should be steve for halloween while we were in k-mart. to her dismay, i swiped the idea this year and ran with it. we held our monthly bowling night on the 30th, and here is the end result! i feel like i pulled it off in a very not man-ish looking way :)"
jenny - "Went out halloween bowling with my pallies this week. My costume was Wayne from Wayne's World. Creative, yes i know."
kasey - "Halloween presented a House Par-tay at our house. I decorated my toes in celebration. They were excited to be painted so nicely and were ready for their close up!"

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