Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Feet - Nov 12, 2010

amy - "Larry needs his feet picture taken! It was a very busy week the first few days, but a very lazy day these last few. :)"
emily - this past saturday we did some celebrating for my birthday (which was last friday). we went to dinner, and then to play lazer tag. here are my feet, along with all my celebratory friend's feet! (starting from mine, going clockwise we have branden, ariana, rob, luke, amy, jenny & chris) pretty much had an amazing birthday bash!
jenny - "hanging with Xena, my oldest kitty, on the deck in my mocciemoccies."
kasey - "My living room heaters don't work. In Germany, its freezing. therefor I'm always bundled up in layers and slippers. Here are my bear feet resting on my desktop while I entertain myself online. "

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