Tuesday, March 23, 2010

prom 2010

ok, i must start by saying WHEN did my brother become old enough to go to prom?! i swear that i JUST had my junior prom like, a month ago! haha. anyways, as usual with the band kids (same as when i was there, same as it will be in years to come) they traveled in flocks to social outings. the two girls were from the high school colorguard, and the two boys are in the winter percussion program. we had a blast taking photos at the park before they went to dinner, and i hope they had an amazing time at dinner (olive garden... YUM) and the dance (not having to wait in line for ONE photo like i had to my junior year). Here is a fun sampling of the different groupings and locations we shot around the park :)

oy. some reason blogger is being a hater, and not letting me show you all the photos... apparently its a "bad request". shame on you blogger for denying these photos.
for the time being, you can view them here on my facebook page.
or even here on my website.

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