Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Miss Olivia Turns One - Orangevale, CA

A part of being a photographer that I absolutely adore is being able to document the big moments in life.  While weddings are a big passion of mine, family portraits are just as special in my eyes.  I've been photographing Michelle & Keith since their engagement session, and last November I photographed their first family portrait session with little Miss Olivia at just 3 months old.  I couldn't believe it when Michelle contacted me about photographing Olivia for her first birthday.  Had 7 months really zoomed by that quickly?  I met up with these two lovely ladies in June and had a great time chasing Olivia through the grass to capture her on the go and full of personality to celebrate her upcoming birthday.  Here are just a few of my favorites of this sweet girl.
Michelle also took advantage of this first birthday portrait session to bring in a little surprise for the grandparents - and of course anyone else to see their photos!  My dad works with Michelle's mom, and said everyone was raving about this next one.  She just looks so adorable intently "reading" this special story just for her.  And how perfect is it that the little piggy is named Olivia?
Congratulations again to Momma, Dad & now Big Sister to be!
I am certain this little one had a great birthday full of love from everyone around her.  She is simply as sweet as can be.

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