Thursday, June 26, 2014

Amanda & Stacy's Turkey Creek Golf Club Wedding - Lincoln, CA

From the moment I met these two over a year ago, I knew I was signed on for something fantastic.  I met Amanda & Stacy at the 2013 Folsom Bridal Show, and from there the wait for their fantastic big day was on!  Nearly a year later, Amanda & Stacy tied the knot on a gorgeous day out at the Turkey Creek Golf Club, and I couldn't have imagined a more perfect start to my wedding season. We started off at the Holiday Inn Express to get these two getting ready for their big day.  It was so hard to pick just a few favorites from the day, but here goes nothing!
Amanda was deciding between two pairs of shoes to wear on her big day while getting ready... I'm so glad she chose these ones. Super fun, right?
Once everyone was dressed and ready to go, it was off to Turkey Creek to get these two married!
After the family portraits (and attempted bribery of the flower girls) it was off for some bridal party photos on the greens. These six sure made for a fun group, and a breeze to photograph, that's for sure!
And the lovebirds... I can't begin to say how fabulous these two were. It was hot, hot, HOT, and they were giving it their all. Kudos to them, that's for sure!
We made our way back, and it was time to let these two in to the reception and get on with the party. Let the fun begin!
Amanda surprised Stacy with a Ghostbusters themed Groom's cake just for him. Safe to say it went over quite well.
Amanda's florist did an amazing job on her bouquets. I just LOVE how they look compared to traditional rose arrangements. So much fun!
I love photographing rings. Getting that right sparkle and shine of these treasured pieces of jewelry helps add to the memories from the day. I had such a hard time picking one ring shot from this wedding, I just had to share both with you. The first, more traditional and representative of the day. The second, very personal to the bride. Her dad told me a story of how Amanda collected these aliens over the years, and he had even taken one with him on a trip to help a friend of his. Amanda's mom keeps this one in her car, and thought it would be fun to sneak it on to their sweetheart table. Before it had been spotted, I intervened and hid it away to get this ring shot for the couple, adding a little something extra for dear Amanda. And of course, if you know me... You know how much I love Toy Story :)
Now that the flower girls were fed and happy, we were able get them back over for some photos with Amanda & Stacy. Plus, a little more time to get some photos of the lovebirds together before heading back inside for the night to continue. I just love the greenery on the back of the ceremony area. So unique!
It was back inside to wrap up the night with some dancing, cake, and other wedding traditions. The crowd was up and ready to go, and so very energetic to celebrate these two on in to their new life together. Amanda & Stacy sure had a great group of friends and family. The dance floor was hardly ever empty!
A big congratulations for these two.  I hope you've had a fantastic almost 4 weeks of wedded bliss, and are on the road for many, many more.  Yet again, I couldn't have asked for a better kick off to my official wedding season, you guys were amazing.  Best wishes to you two for your life together, and for the years to come.  I cannot wait to see where your new life takes you!  xoxo

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  1. That flower girl picture is adorable! I love their wedding colors :) What an awesome groom's cake!