Tuesday, May 1, 2012

March of Dimes 2012 Donation Raffle Winners - Northern California Wedding & Portrait Photographer

Well I survived the crazy weekend, and I'm excited to announce that the final amount raised from the donation raffle was $360! Through sunburns and leg bruises (yeah, I wasn't totally coordinated that morning and walked right in to a railing right as the walk began)  we made it through the sacramento route, which was slightly changed this year.  A huge amount of the donations came from the parents of my dance students, and without them I probably would not have even reached halfway to my goal for the year! I had my phone out, instagram-ing random little things along the way, so here is a peek in to our March of Dimes experience! So now it's on to the long awaited prize drawing! All names were placed in to a cup (because I still do things old school) and shaken around. Drawn out in the following order. Winners should be recieving an e-mail later this afternoon, where they will be able to claim their prize, or allow it to be passed on and redrawn for another person to have a chance at it.
Banana Cherie Pettiskirt Winner: J. Sheng
Little Penelope Lane Hair Accessory Winner: A. Fong
Botanical Seductions Bath & Body Collection Winner: J. Peters
Apprehensive Films DVD #1: J. Carroll
Apprehensive Films DVD #2: M. Benson
Freeze Frame Portrait Package: A. Orilla
Freeze Frame Portrait Package w. 16x20 Canvas: S. Jenson
Thank you SO much to everyone who donated, and I will be in contact with all of you very soon!

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