Thursday, March 1, 2012

WPPI 2012: A Photo Recap - Northern Califoria Wedding & Portrait Photographer

A week ago today I came home from my second trip to Las Vegas for WPPI. I think I might be able to say this year's trip was better than the last. This year I knew people who I had met last year and was able to reconnect with them. I knew how the classes worked, what to do with preboarding, and if I wasn't "preboarded" I knew how early to get there so I could still get a seat. Also, I didn't overload myself with classes this time. Some days I had three classes, some days I had one. And that was okay! We got in Saturday night and stayed at the Tropicana until we left Wednesday afternoon. The first night, we were able to see Recycled Percussion, and it was a great show! Would I consider going to WPPI again next year? Absolutely. I've learned a little bit more each and every time, and the ability to connect with like minded photographers from across the states and even around the world is amazing! Here are a few of my photos taken throughout the week at shows, platform classes, just hanging around, and even a few snapshots at the end.


  1. I really like the picture of my Lensbaby and bag!! :D You're sneaky taking pics! haha

  2. What a great overall recap of the week!