Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2012 New Products - The Wedding Album

I'll admit, things are a little slow at the moment, but right now I'm in Las Vegas, Nevada for WPPI 2012! It's so hard to believe that it has already been a year, but here I am again! Even though I'm currently out of town, I could not let any more time go by without showing you my BIGGEST secret of a studio sample yet! 2012 brings lots of new things, but this year it also brings the creation of wedding collections, which some even include one of these gorgeous wedding albums!

I found out about this great album company through fellow photographer (who became my [b]school mentor) Raven Mathis, and because of a simple youtube video she created to share her sample albums with her clients, I was convinced! I ordered my sample album at the end of December, and mid January it showed up on my doorstep.
These albums are crafted SO incredibly well, I couldn't ask for anything better. Much like my guestbook albums, these pages lay flat. Instead of being individual pages though with a gap inbetween, the photos go clear across the page as one entire print. This allows for the images to not be chopped in half if I was to center an image to spread across both pages.

Not only are the prints and insides of these albums are amazing, but also the quality! They are bound just like a fine art book you would purchase in stores, but all about YOU! The pages are nice and thick. If you held this book in your hands, you would be able to feel the quality of it. It's seriously something that you can pass down for generations and not have to worry about it falling apart a few years down the road.
As far as customizing the album to suit your personality, the possibilities are plentiful! Different cover options, colors, detailing, and so much more! While at the tradeshow this week, I will definetly be visiting the booth for these great albums, and will be checking out to see what other sample possibilities I can bring to offer you!

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