Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2012 New Product - Coffee Table Guestbook Album

This sample product right here is something I have been WAY excited about since I stumbled across the idea I don't even remember where. But anyways, what better way to have your guests leave you wishes and love on your wedding day than in an album full of your favorite engagement photos? That way, it's a one of a kind item, and no other bride will have a guestbook identical to the other.
I chose a classic and sleek black cover for this sample album, but there are so many more cover options! A wide variety of leathers that can be matched to your wedding colors, or even your all time favorite image can be placed on the outside of the album to show you off right away!
These albums are layflat, which means once you open the book and lay it on the table, the pages won't be flopping back and forth. No need to crease or smash the pages down just to get them to stay. The layouts are put together in such a way to accent the images, as well as leave your guests plenty of room to write without having to write over the actual images. Layouts will be created for you to review and make alterations. The albums will not go to print until you are satisfied with everything!
the way the book is bound holds everything in place and finishes off the professional quality of these albums. Of course, engagement guestbooks are not the only way these coffee table albums are able to be used. They are a perfect idea for a family portrait session, gifts for parents & grandparents, or even a first year album for the new baby! To book your consultation (and see the sample guestbook hands on!) feel free to contact me at photogbyem@gmail.com

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  1. I love the lay flat albums! and the images are gorgeous!