Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2012 New Product - moo cards

Since the rebranding began, I knew one of the first things I needed to get done quickly were new business cards. Spending a lot of time looking at my old cards and wondering how anyone managed to read them (really. they were pretty busy!) I wanted to create something clean and simple. At the same time, I wanted them to be fun and possibly even a conversation piece. After meeting up with some photographers in Vegas last year at WPPI 2011 and seeing their cards, I knew exactly what company I wanted to use.
These moo cards are great, in the sense that they are quite simaler to the idea of baseball trading cards. When I was younger, I had stacks and stacks of various trading cards, and having this "flash back" with my new product was so much fun! Each card has the same front with my contact information, but all of the backs are various photos that I chose to display.
Since I'm currently focusing on bringing in the Wedding/Engagement crowd, that was the theme I went for with my cards. I picked some of my favorite images from weddings and portrait sessions and made them the back of my cards! Just so you can see all the options, here are my favorite images, grouped together by category.
I'm so excited to take these with me to Vegas next month (about 25 days!) and share them with my friends from last year as well as the new people I meet. Of course, I will also be sharing them around locally, so If we run in to each other here in California or there in Las Vegas, don't forget to pick your favorite!


  1. Moo cards are the best. I love them

  2. They look awesome! Love the assortment of photos.