Wednesday, July 18, 2012

C & R's Moss Court Wedding - Granite Bay, CA

The last Saturday of June, I was invited by Marcie of Marcie Lynn Photography to assist and third shoot for a wedding that was being held locally.  Of course, I couldn't say no to that offer, and joined her.  The day was hotter than the past few had been, but nothing was going to get this gorgeous bride down.  We met up with her and her lovely ladies at a home in Los Lagos, and everything was running smoothly.  The girls were looking fabulous and were enjoying the day.  We kicked things off with some detail shots of her personal items, and then the fun began!
While the bride was upstairs getting her makeup done, a few of her bridesmaids were downstairs practicing their dance moves in the kitchen.
A few finishing touches were happening, so some of the bridesmaids and I slipped outside to do a portrait or two. These girls looked fantastic in their dresses!
Before we knew it, we were heading off to the venue! The bride and her gals got tucked away inside so the groom had no chance of seeing her, and we began to photograph some of the details of the reception.
The guys began to line up, and then it was time to get these two married!
After the ceremony, Marcie headed up the family portraits. Once those were complete, she snuck the couple away for the bride and groom portraits and I headed off to the reception across the way to capture some candids of the guests
The bridal party was announced, and then the couple headed right in to a fantastic choreographed first dance. The bride is a dance instructor herself, and she did an excellent job putting this together. Of course her sister couldn't let that be the end of it, so during her speech, the entire bridal party broke out in a flash mob!
The groom shared a dance with each of the special moms in his life. The night was topped off with cake, bouquet & garter tosses before the dance floor was opened for the rest of the evening. A fantastic ending to a gorgeous couple and their wedding day
Another big thanks to Marcie who let me tag along with her and her other second shooter that day! I had a fantastic time working along side her, and I learned a lot!


  1. How fun! I love weddings :) They are such big awesome parties.

  2. What a great wedding! That is a good looking bridal party. Awesome job!

  3. I love the images of the brides practicing their dance. Too cute and funny. Those will be great memories for the bride. Great wedding!